The Major section of work of the doctor of the general practice is decision illnesses of genitals dishormonal, воспалителного and tumoral character; timely and qualitative statement of the clinical diagnosis

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The pro-rector on study

The prof. ______ O.R.Teshaev

«______» _______________ 2008


Methodical working out for teachers prepared on EMS
It is considered and is recommended ЦМК institute

«________» _____________ 2008

Протоколь № __________

Tashkent - 2011

1. Duration of employment of 135 minutes

2. A theme: Illnesses of genitals and pregnancy.

3. A theme substantiation: the Major section of work of the doctor of the general practice is decision illnesses of genitals dishormonal, воспалителного and tumoral character; timely and qualitative statement of the clinical diagnosis; reception by students of thorough both strong knowledge and acquisition of practical skills on diagnostics and treatment of illnesses of genitals.

4. The employment purposes:

4.1. The training purpose:

- To study the various pathological processes developing in genitals and mammary glands, a pathology of pregnancy and the postnatal period;

- To study modern kliniko-morphological classification if dishormonal illnesses, tumours of genitals and mammary glands, illnesses of pregnancy and the postnatal period;

- The nobility morphological the characteristic of changes in prostatic to gland and a uterus at dishormonal infringements;

- To know precancer processes in genitals and mammary glands;

- To know the basic morphological displays of illnesses of pregnancy;

- To study possible complications and causes of death at the given pathological processes.
4.2. The educational purpose: Employment promotes formation of the person of the erudite expert, education of diligence, responsibility, development of practical skills in studying and the analysis of the new scientifically-practical information.

4.3. The developing purpose: to Stimulate at students analytical thinking, to induce to independent work at studying of patologo-anatomic changes of genitals of men and women and a pregnancy pathology. To use for this purpose new technologies of training.

5. Questions for self-preparation of students at theme studying:

1. A pathology of testis. Classification.

2. Developmental anomalies testis.

3. cryptochism and its consequences.

4. Tumours of testis Classification.

5. Herminogenous tumours of testis.

6. termatoms if testis.

7. ДГП (good-quality hyperplasia of prostate).

8. A cancer of prostate.

9. Kinds of erosion of a neck of a uterus, their distinction.

10. Tumours of a neck of a uterus: polyps and a cancer.

11. Adenomiosis and an endometriosis.

12. Ferruterous hyperplasi of endomethrium, its variants.

13. leiomeoma (фибромиома) a uterus.

14. A cancer of endometrium.

15. Tumours яичников: serous and mucinous cystome.

16. hermonigenous tumours of ovary.

17. Pregnancy complications.

18. Extra-uterine pregnancy (variants).

19. Concept about trophoblastic illnesses.

20. cystic drift.

21. ivasive cystic drift.

22. chorioepithelioma.

23. A mastitis.

24. mastopathy.

25. Tumours of dairy glands - the good-quality.

26. A cancer of mammary glands,-neinfiltrirujushchy.

27. A cancer of dairy glands - infiltrate.

28. ginecomaxia.

6. A place of carrying out of employment:

Employment are spent on the basis of the Republican Patologo-anatomic Center - РПАЦ.

The chair has educational audiences, a museum macro-and micropreparations, microscopes of Biollamas, teleequipment, tables, there is a section hall the cut. Bodies and fabrics autopsy and operatively removed are used.

7. Material equipment employment:

- theoretic an employment part show on tables and schemes.

- Auxiliary examples, tests for distinction are offered students.

- Micropreparations are shown by means of a microscope or telesystem and sketched and described by students in albums.

- Macropreparations are studied in a museum and described in albums.

8. Practical skills:

8.1. The student should know morphological and clinical changes at illnesses to sexual system and pregnancy.

8.2. The student should be able to identify bodies and infringements in them at external survey.

- To be able to identify illnesses of genitals and pregnancy at microscopy.

- To be able to compare morphological changes at illnesses of genitals and pregnancy with clinical semiology.

- To be able on macro-and to microscopic signs to identify illnesses of genitals and pregnancy.

- To be able to differentiate different kinds of illnesses of genitals and pregnancy to morphological signs.

- An order of the description of morphological changes in body on a macropreparation:

1. To define what body or a fabric.

2. To describe the form, volume, a consistence, appearance, colour. A kind and colour on a cut.

3. To define pathological process (illness), its type, localisation - to diagnose.

Macropreparations on a theme:

1. Trumpet pregnancy.

2. False erosion of a neck of a uterus.

3. A uterus fibromatosis.

4. Chocolate cysta if ovary.

5. Chronic salpingitis.

6. cystic drift.

7. A mammary gland cancer.

8. An adenoma of prostate.

- An order of the description of morphological changes in body and fabrics on a micropreparation:

1. To name body and a fabric.

2. To define a histotopography changes in a fabric.

3. To define type, localisation of pathological process (in a parenchima, strome, in derivatives).

4. To name the found pathological process (illness) the diagnosis.

Micropreparations on a theme:

1. Good-quality hyperplasia of prostate (№87).

2. Zhelezisto-kistoznaja hyperplasia of endometritis (№54).

3. Trumpet pregnancy (№88).

4. cystic drift (№88).

5. chorioepithelioma(№88)

- Tables: №.

9. Methods of innovative technology of carrying out of employment:

The method «the Handle on the table middle» is spent for check of initial level of house preparation within 10 minutes Group shares on 2 subgroups, everyone writes down the answers. Time (who more and has fast written down right answers) is considered also.

For example the task №1:

To list pathology kinds яичек.

The answer: an atrophy, a hypertrophy, перекрут яичка, гидроцеле, гематоцеле, infringement of blood circulation and лимфообращения, анорхизм, полиорхизм, крипторхизм, эктопия, turn яичка, орхит, эпидидимит, семинома, эмбриональный a cancer, тератома, хорионэпителиома, орхобластома.

After that the joint analysis of correct and wrong answers is carried out. It is necessary to make definition listed pathological of processes.

For example: 1. Гидроцеле is a congestion of a serous liquid between париетальной and висцеральной plates влагалищной covers яичка. 2. Эпидедимит - a specific and nonspecific inflammation of appendages яичек. 3. Тератома - difficult герминогенная a tumour consisting of fabrics of several types, derivative one, two or three germinal leaves etc.

The task №2:

Give the characteristic аденомиоза and an endometriosis.

The answer:

Аденомиоз is a growth базального a layer эндометрия in миометрий, without functional activity with a thickening of a wall of a uterus; it is clinically shown дисменоррей, pains in the bottom of a stomach, меноррагиями.

Endometriosis - growth in different bodies of a fabric эндометрия with function preservation. Генитальный - a uterus, маточных pipes and яичниках; uterus necks, a vagina, kresttsovo-matochnyh and round sheaves, external genitals, брюшина a small basin; экстрагенитальный an endometriosis - in lymph nodes, kidneys, easy; a pleura, a diaphragm top. And нижн. Finitenesses.

The task №3:

Make definition and forms ferruterous гиперплазии эндометрия.

The answer: ЖГЭ - дисгормональная гиперплазия эндометрия with infringements ovarialno-menstrualnogo a cycle it is accompanied маточными by bleedings. Three types: 1) simple (кистозная); 2) difficult (аденоматозная); 3) атипическая. ЖГЕ - a facultative precancer.

Method "Auction".

1. On employment for viewing any micropreparation is given. It is necessary to list the basic microscopic signs. For example a micropreparation №1 Пузырный drift. The answer: 1. Ворсины хориона кистозно are expanded. 2. A Horionichesky epithelium usual or atypical. 3. Strom ворсин it is deprived vessels. 4. Epithelium cages хориона can распологаться in two ranks or have an atypical structure.

2. At survey of macropreparations in a museum any preparation, for example «Поликистоз яичников» is given on "Auction". It is necessary to list the basic macroscopical signs. The answer: 1. Яичники are increased in sizes twice. 2. Grayish colour. 3. Smooth. 4. Dense. 5. On a cut are visible кистозные to a cavity. 6. Process has bilateral character.

The method «the Cat in a bag» is conducted in end of each lesson for the purpose of summarising and an estimation of the received knowledge. On each employment at the teacher are prepared каточки with individual variants of tasks (on number of students). On performance the task is given 10-15 minutes Answers to questions are carried out in writing. Works are checked and discussed orally with all participants.

For example: the task №1. List signs characteristic for true erosion of a neck of a uterus. The answer: Presence of granulations, bright red colour, метаплазия in цлиндрический an epithelium, bright red rings round an external aperture of the channel.

The task №2. Kinds of developmental anomalies яичек. Choose correct variants: 1.атрофия. 2.крипторхизм. 3.эктопия. 4.паховая a hernia. 5.гидроцеле.

The answer:, century

The task №3. At женшин 43 years are made diagnostic выскабливание uterus cavities in connection with plentiful a bleeding. In соскобе: big quantity of wiggle glands with сосочковыми выростами in a gleam, close located to each other, without атипии an epithelium:

1. To make the probable diagnosis.

2. What этиопатогенез?

3. What variant of a pathology?

4. What pathology can develop on this background?

Answers: 1.железистая гиперплазия эндометрия.

2.дисгормональный. 3.сложная аденоматозная гиперплазия.

4.аденокарцинома эндометрия

10. A technique and control types on employment:

- Oral interrogation: the method «Who more, who faster» in the employment beginning is used. The group to share on 2 subgroups. Who is considered will give faster and more than true answers. The method "Auction" is applied to an estimation of knowledge of preparations - given macro-or the micropreparation is considered who will more correctly, more full describe them orally.

- Written interrogation: Apply methods «Пчелинный a plenty», «the Cat in a bag» is allows to estimate theoretical and practical knowledge of students.

- Test interrogation: Allows to check up initial level of knowledge. Tests of the obuchajushche-supervising program are given.

Practical skills are checked at studying macro-and micropreparations of pathologically changed bodies at ССД, a sketch and the description of these preparations on algorithm п 8.

11. Timing and the employment organisation:

Employment stages

The carrying out form



Parenthesis of the teacher. Definition of the purpose and problems of employment, theme definition



Check of initial level of knowledge by means of new pedagogical technologies, контрольно training tests. Finding-out of not clear aspects of a theme, work check on preparation.




Estimation the teacher initial кровня knowledge.

The conclusion of the teacher.



Studying by students macro-and micropreparations a demonstration material in a museum, display of micropreparations (a microscope or telesystem) drawings, tables.

Explanation of the teacher.



The description of macropreparations, sketch of micropreparations in an album.

Independent work of students



Estimation of mastering of a material, the control of total level of knowledge and errors of students.

Oral or written answers to tasks, tests, situational problems. An estimation of level of knowledge and errors of students.



Estimation of level of knowledge given on the given theme of each student on 10 ball scale, the announcement of a theme of following employment and questions to it.

Announcements of estimations, the task for following employment and questions for preparation for it.


12. The literature:
1. Abdullahodzhaeva M. S of "the Basis of a pathology of the person» Tashkent, 1997.

2. Abdullah°zhaeva M. S «to Odes патологияси асослари» Тошкент, 1999.

3. Serov V.V., Yarygin Н. Е, B.S.Atlas's spiders of pathological anatomy., Moscow, 1986

4. Strukov A. I, Serov V.V. Pathological anatomy. Moscow, 1993

5. Патологик анатомияни мустаkил °рганиш учун techniques ±°лланма. Тошкент, 1990 й.

6. The training program on pathological anatomy. Tashkent, 1993

The methodical recommendation

It is made by the assistant

E.V.Tashchinsky also is discussed

At cathedral conference.

The manager. Chair of path.anatomy, the prof. ___________ I. R.Isroilov.

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