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ызылорда облысы, Шиелі ауданы, Дәулеткерей №2/18 индекс 120700

133 негізгі мектеп.

Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Дүйсебаева Гаухар

Date: 31.10.2013 y Day: Thursday

Form: 6

The theme of the lesson: Step 2. How much juice? How many apples?

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: To develop the students’ skills in oral speech, listening, reading speaking, writing.

Development aim: To develop students’ memory thinking creative abilities and vocabulary.

Practical aim: To enrich students’ knowledge concerning the theme.

The type of the lesson: mixed

Visual aids: Wallpapers, placards, pictures, slid

  1. Organization moment.

  1. Greeting

  2. Check up attendance

  1. Phonetic drill

Jigged - jig , jigged – jig,

Pete’s horse, is little

And Dan’s horse is big,

Jigged - jig , jigged – jig

  1. Check up homework

Game “Mix up” (араластыру)

Group – food

Egg күріш

Bread сүт

Sugar нан

Rice қант

Milk жұмыртқа

Group clothes

Socks жиде

trousers тақия

shirt шұлық

cap туфли

shoes шалбар

  1. Introduction of the new material

Much and many

  1. Much сұраулы және болымсыз сөйлемдерде саналмайтын зат есімдермен қолданылады.

How much cheese is there in the fridge?

I haven’t got much money

  1. Many cұраулы және болымсыз сөйлемдерде саналатын зат есімдермен ғана қолданылады.

How many children have they got?

There aren’t many people in the room

New words

Juice сок

Cake торт

Nut жаңғақ

Water су

Salt тұз

Honey бал

Kefir қатық

Dress көйлек

Blouse жиде

Tie галстук

Jacket жакет, күрте

Skirt юбка

Sweater свитер

  1. Walking dictation (2 топқа бөліп ойнату, жүріп жазатын диктант)

Now let’s play the game

Groupfood Group - clothes

butter dress

Cakes shoes

Chocolates skirt

Bread jacket

water hat

Exercises # 4. Complete the sentences with many or much.

  1. Much

  2. Many

  3. Much

  4. Many

  5. Many

Exercises # 3 listen and practice.

Asel: Do you need anything else?

Zauresh: Let’s have a look. We’ve got some pears, but there aren’t any plums. And there isn’t any butter, but we’ve got some cheese.

Asel: Is there any apple juice left?

Zauresh: There’s a little, but there isn’t much, so we need some more.

Asel: And vegetables? Have we got many vegetables?

Zauresh: Well, I can see a few potatoes, but there aren’t many carrots.

Asel: Oh, and we need a lot of crisps. My little sister is coming tomorrow.

Zauresh: I think that’s everything. Let’s go!

  1. A dialogue

“At the shop” Let’s pretend that you are really going to buy something . Who wants to be a shopkeeper? Who wants to be a customer? Don’t for get to be polite. You should make up a dialogue.


Customer: Good morning!

Shop – assistant: Good morning! Can I help you?

C: Yes, please. Is there any cheese please?

S: Yes, there is some cheese.

C: How much is cheese?

S: It’s 300 tenge. Here you are

C: Thank you

S: You are welcome

Dialogue 2:

Customer: Good morning!

Shop – assistant: Good morning! Can I help you?

C: I’d like to buy a T – shirt

S: What size do you wear? What colour do you want?

C: I wear 38. I like blue

S: Try it on please

C: How much is it?

S: It’s 500 tenge. Here you are

C: I buy it . Thank you. Good bye!

S: Bye – bye

Сөзжұмбақ: Mouse and Cat Ағылшынға аудар:

  1. Қызанақ

  2. Кофе

  3. Қант

  4. салат

  5. Қауын

  6. Торт

  7. Банан

  8. Сұлы ботқасы

  9. Қияр

  10. Нан

  11. Ет

  1. Giving marks

Your marks for today ….

  1. Giving homework

Your homework: Exercises # 7. A. Asel’s Shopping list.

This is Asel’s shopping list for this morning . She didn’t get everything. A tick( ) means she got it. A cross ( ) means she didn’t get it.

Greengrocer’s Chemist’s Baker’s

Apples tooth paste bread

Pears aspirin rolls

IV. The End of the lesson

Our lesson is over

Good bye, see you!

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