Е. А. Аубакиров Ж. Х. Ташмухамбетова

parts of combustible slates have activating effect on thermocatalytic

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parts of combustible slates have activating effect on thermocatalytic 
transformation of brown coals, the heavy oil remains and liquid high- 
boiling waste of the petrochemical of productions. It was shown that 
when cracking hydrocarbonic raw materials in the presence of 
combustible slates in the range of temperatures of 390-440 °C, 
hydrogenation reactions of unsaturated hydrocarbons (a-methyl 
styrene to aliphatic alkenes), hydrogenation of oxygen compounds 
(acetophenone to ethyl benzene) actively proceed, reactions of

dimerization (a-methyl styrene in its dimer), condensation to the 
coke products are suppressed and destruction of carbon-carbon bond 
(transformation of 2-phenyl-2-hydroxyphenylpropane in phenol and 
isopropylbenzene) is accelerated. The mineral part of slate 
containing aluminosilicates, iron oxides and others, catalytically 
active forms of metals, in turn, activate the reaction of cracking. As 
showed results of research of catalytic properties of combustible 
slats, in process of hydrogenolysis of the organic mass of coal and 
heavy oil raw materials under optimum conditions high extent of 
their transformation into liquid distillates, with low coke- and pellet 
formation is observed.
Under the leadership of Zh.K. Kairbekov the technological 
schemes of thermocatalytic cracking of combustible slate and coal, 
combustible slate and tar, combustible slate and fuel oil were 
developed. Important advantages of the studied processes is: lack of 
stages of deasphaltizing and demetallization as asphaltenes, nickel 
and vanadium in the course of processing are precipitated on mineral 
part of slates and together with products are removed from the 
reactor; process implementation without special expensive catalysts 
and hydrogen; desulphuration of liquid products for 50-60% is 
reached; the simple equipment in technical execution is used. The 
technology allows significantly to decrease the capital and 
operational costs of a processing of heavy oil raw materials in motor 
distillates and it is competitive with some modem processes 
destructive processing of the oil remains.
Professor Zh.K. Kairbekov is known scientific community not 
only basic researches in the field of technology of processing of solid 
combustible minerals, but also an integrated approach to their 
processing. During studying of brown coals of Kazakhstan by 
professor Zh.K. Kairbekov together with pupils it was established 
that humic substances per the organic mass of coal (OMC) contain in 
them from 4,5 to 50%. Coals of Oy-Karagay fields (40,5%) and 
Kiyakty (54%) are strong base for production of humic fertilizers, 
growth factors of plants and other humic preparations, and with the 
smaller maintenance of humates of Mamyt (28,6%) and Kendyrlyk 
(11,5%) coals demand additional chemical, mechanical and resonant 
and wave modifying. In the course of researches technological

parameters of oxidation of coal from Mamyt deposit by oxygen and 
ozone in the presence of oxides of nitrogen and the polymer-metallic 
of catalysts were optimized. Technologies of receiving difficult 
humic fertilizers and growth factors of plants of three types coal- 
ammonic, humophos and humoammophos) with a combination of 
various mineral additives and humic stimulators from the oxidized 
coals of Kazakhstan were developed. Technologies of receiving the 
nano-structured the polymer-metallic catalysts on the basis of 
humates from the oxidized coals were developed for processes of 
receiving sulfonic acids as a result of oxidation of phenol, 
hydrogenation of nitro-compounds and vat dyes. Technological 
conditions of receiving of new highly effective humic sorbents on 
base the silicohumate composites for sewage treatment from heavy 
metals are optimized. Technological conditions of receiving coal- 
basic reagent of boring solutions for deep drilling are optimized at oil 
and gas production.
High scientific potential of the researches conducted under the 
direction of professor Zh.K. Kairbekov, allowed to create and win 
the tender for implementation of fundamental, applied, innovative, 
international programs and projects, such as "To develop scientific 
bases of processing of combustible minerals and receiving new 
materials" (21 subjects), "Development of technology of deep 
processing of organic and mineral raw materials and receiving 
nanostructured composite production of different function" (17 
subjects), "Development of hybrid radiation and plasma and 
cavitational and hydrogenation technology of processing of low- 
grade steam coals", the Joint Kazakhstan-Chinese draft of the target 
scientific and technical program: "The theory and practice of 
utilization of humic substances - renewable sources of chemical raw 
Consulting services for JSC NSTH Parasat are carried out on 
subjects: "Creation of trial production of humates from the 
Kazakhstan coals with a productivity of 30 000 tons/year"; "Creation 
of trial production of the bricketed fuel from Shubarkul coal with a 
productivity of 40 000 tons/year".
Zh.K. Kairbekov's works came to the international level as 
well. The contract on scientific and technical cooperation on

liquefaction problems of coals, productions of humic acids and coal 
briquettes was signed with the Heilongjiang state center of scientific 
and technical cooperation and industrial transformation (Harbin, 
People's Republic of China).
Professor Zh.K. Kairbekov already for many years actively 
introduces the saved up scientific experience in the pedagogical 
activity on the basis of faculty of chemistry and chemical technology 
of al-Farabi KazNU. He is one of the most dear and demanded 
teachers enjoying big authority at students and teachers. The leading 
courses are in the Russian and Kazakh languages in a bachelor 
degree, magistracy and doctoral studies: "The general chemical 
technology", "Theory of a heterogeneous catalysis", "Scientific bases 
of preparation of industrial catalysts", etc by him were developed and 
were read. He is the main author and the developer of standard 
training programs "Basis of chemical technology" and "The general 
chemical technology". Professor Zh.K. Kairbekov gives great value 
to research work of graduates, accustoming them to diligence, ability 
to analyze and independently to think. Final works and the master 
theses executed under the direction of professor Zh.K. Kairbekov, 
were repeatedly noted by prize-winning places and certificates of 
honor MES RK. Professor Zh.K. Kairbekov in a co-authorship 4 
monographs, more than 450 scientific articles and theses, 7 acts of 
introduction in educational process, 2 textbooks and 10 manuals 
(including methodical instructions for a laboratory practical work, 
installation of a high pressure for process of a catalytic 
hydrogenation of brown coals is introduced in educational process) 
were published. It was received 19 copyright certificates and patents 
Zh.K. Kairbekov for many years is member Dissertation 
Council on defending of doctoral, candidate's theses on specialties
02.00.03 - organic chemistry, 02.00.15 - catalysis, the permanent 
member of State Certifying Commission (SCC) on protection of the 
final qualified works of students and undergraduates.
In the monograph "Modelling of Liquid-phase Catalytic 
Hydrogenation Processes and Industrial Reactors with a Motionless 
Layer of the Catalyst" (coauthors K.A. Zhubanov, U.A. Sadykov) 
were formulated bases of strategy of research of catalytic processes,

mathematical models were systematized and correlative ratios for 
calculations of parameters of models of chemical reactors were 
given. In the monograph "Catalytic Hydrogenation of Coal and 
Heavy Hydrocarbonic Raw Materials" (coauthors M.I. Baykenov, 
K.A. Zhubanov, etc.) results of receiving light hydrocarbons from 
coal, high-viscosity oil, the heavy oil remains and other products 
were generalized and theoretically possible and experimentally 
installed mechanisms of reactions of a destructive hydrogenation of 
coal and high-viscosity oil were provided. In the monograph "Theory 
and Practice of Processing of Coal" (coauthors K.A. Zhubanov, V.S. 
Yemelyanova, Zh.K. Myltykbayeva, B.B. Bayzhomartov) the results 
of modem physical and chemical researches in the field of structure 
and properties of organic mass of coal, on the example of model 
compounds and directly on coal substance are generalized, the 
interrelation of structure and properties of coals with application of 
methods of chemical thermodynamics and formal kinetics is 
established. A great job on collecting, the description and critical 
evaluation of all complex of actions for processing of combustible 
minerals have done.
Professor Zh.K. Kairbekov is in continuous creative search. In 
connection with the requirements of modem science and technology 
it reconsidered the course "General Chemical Technology" from the 
point of view of discipline greening on what it was repeatedly 
reported at the International scientific and methodical conferences of 
For an invaluable contribution to a development of education 
and sciences, high achievements in the sphere of scientific and 
pedagogical activity professor Kairbekov was twice awarded by 
State grant "The best teacher of higher education institution" of MES 
RK (2008, 2013).
Zh.K. Kairbekov brought up the whole group of young 
talented scientists and teachers who successfully work in various 
spheres of science, educations and productions. Under its 
management 2 doctoral's, 17 candidate's dissertations and 1 - on 
competition of doctor Ph.D were defended.
Professor Kairbekov Zh.K. the school of sciences on 
technology of complex processing of the hydrocarbonic raw

materials was created, which is recognizing in leading scientific 
centers of Russia, Poland and China. Results of his work are 
estimated by anniversary awards and diplomas MES RK and 
The reliable back of professor Zh.K. Kairbekov is his close- 
knit family. His wife Esenaliyeva Manshuk Zeynullayevna -
candidate of chemical sciences, the associate professor. She is 
currently working in ASE SRINCT as leading researcher. The son 
Altai graduated from mechanical-mathematical faculty of al-Farabi 
KazNU and faculty "Finance and credits" of T. Ryskulov KAZEU. 
His is candidate of technical sciences. The daughter Akmaral 
graduated from the Almaty technological university in "economy and 
management" specialty. The grandson Alizhan is the pupil 3 classes, 
granddaughter Aruzhan - the schoolgirl of 1 class, granddaughter 
Zhasmin recently there were 3 months.

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