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Short sketchabout
scientific and pedagogical activityof doctors of chemistry, 
professor Kairbekov Zhaksyntay Kairbekovich
«That place which we occupy is important not, 
and that direction in which we move»
L. N. Tolstoy
Kairbekov Zhaksyntay Kairbekovich was bom on March 16, 
1944 in the settlement Turgay of the Dzhangildinsk area of Kostanay 
region in a large family of the teacher with a 30-year experience 
Kairbek Iskakov and the loving, careful housewife Magul Iskakova 
who brought up together nine children and to each of them gave the 
chance to study and graduate. Two of children became scientific 
doctors of science, professors and three candidates of science, 
associate professors.
In 1964 Zh.K. Kairbekov left Y. Altynsarin eleven-year 
secondary school with a gold medal and arrived on chemical faculty 
of the S.M. Kirov Kazakh state university which he successfully 
ended in 1969. After the university he was called in the Soviet Army 
in a rank of the lieutenant and then he served at first as platoon’s 
commander, and then the commander of a separate chemical 
In 1971 he arrived in postgraduate study of D.V. Sokolsky 
Institute of an organic catalysis and electrochemistry. Since 1973 he 
worked at chair of colloidal chemistry, catalysis and petrochemistry 
of Al-Farabi KazNU, earlier chair of a catalysis and technical 
chemistry, at positions of young, senior and then the leading 
researcher. Now he is professor of chair of physical chemistry, a 
catalysis and petrochemistry of Al-Farabi KazNU.
In 1977 Kairbekov Zh.K. defended the candidate's dissertation 
on the subject "Research of Structure and Physical and Chemical 
Properties of Skeletal Ruthenium and Osmium Catalysts" under the 
leadership of the academician D.V. Sokolsky. During this period 
Zh.K. Kairbekov directed by economic contracts, including 
he worked together with such leading scientific center, as the 
D.I. Mendeleyev Moscow chemical institute of technology under the

supervision of the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR 
V.V. Kafarov and the Doctor of Engineering V.N. Pisarenko. Results 
of the conducted joint researches were brought to industrial 
Since 1993 Zh.K. Kairbekov is the leader, the chief researcher, 
the head of the laboratory of complex processing of hydrocarbonic 
raw materials of scientific research institute of new chemical 
technologies and materials at Al-Farabi KazNU. In May, 1996 in 
Specialized council D 53.18.01 at A.B. Bekturov IChSc MN-AN RK 
he was defended the doctoral dissertation on the subject "Catalytic 
Synthesis of Heterocyclic and Aromatic Amines and Their Practical 
Use" on the specialty 02.00.03-0rganic chemistry. In 1998 he was 
awarded the academic status of professor.
Zh.K. Kairbekov is the prominent scientist in the field of thin 
organic synthesis, catalysis and processing of solid hydrocarbonic 
raw materials. His working career is closely connected with Al- 
Farabi KazNU. He passed the way from the student and the graduate 
student to the Doctor of Chemistry, leading professor of university, 
the best teacher of higher education institution. During the working 
career he is constantly engaged in scientific researches and practical 
introduction of the received results in industrial production.
The most important results of hiss scientific researches is 
theoretical justification, development and implementation of the 
concept of synthesis of heterocyclic and aromatic amines. Under his 
supervision the researches on catalytic hydrogenation of functional 
substituted nitro-derivatives of guanidine, chlorobenzoic acids, 
trichlorophenylpyrazolone, N,N-diethylaniline, isophtalic acid, N- 
(dicarboxyphenyl)-N-(p-nitrobenzoyl) urea of diphenyl ether-2 sulfonic 
acids, nitrozodiphenylamine, benzoylcyanaceticethylic ether, and 
also 2,4-dinitrotoluene, 3,5-dinitro-o-xylol, nitrosulfanilide, 4,4- 
heterocyclic and aromatic amines with high yields were conducted. 
On the basis of the conducted researches highly effective and 
ecologically safe production technologies of 16 multifunctional 
replaced organic amines were developed and offered. Results of 
researches on catalytic hydrogenation of nitro-compounds were 
offered by PA "A zof in Kemerovo together with scientific research

institute "Himpolimery" (Berezniki) as basic data for shop design on 
reduction of Na-salt of nitrodiphenylamine; in workshop №4 of JSC 
TOS (Dolgoprudny) the installation of columned type with a 
stationary layer of the S-9 catalyst for continuous process of 
hydrogenation of p-nitrobenzoylcyanaceticethylic ether by the power 
in 38 tons/year was started; the new original two-phasic (instead of 
seven) technology of receiving water solution of color showing 
substance for color photo and film production is developed which 
was highly appreciated in the central laboratory of a film studio 
"Kazakhfilm" at multilayered color manifestation. Great theoretical 
value has the single-stage catalytic cyclohydrogenation of N ’-bis 
mercapto-1,2,4-triazole opened by Kairbekov, establishment of 
influence of power and structural characteristics of metals and other 
factors on selectivity of obtaining and yield of derivative 1,2,4- 
triazoles. The catalytic ways of synthesis of amines developed by 
Zh.K. Kairbekov and semi-products - vitamins A, E, B2, B6 were 
introduced at chemical plants in Bolokhovsk, Dolgoprudny, 
Krasnodar and Berezniki with economic effect of 1 million 600 
thousand rubles (in the prices till 1991).
Now scientific interests of professor Zh.K. Kairbekov are 
closely connected with developments in the field of the theory and 
practice of technology of a catalytic processing of hydrocarbonic raw 
materials. Under its management and with direct participation the 
work on creation of scientific bases of complex processing of 
hydrocarbonic raw materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried 
out. The priority attention is paid to coals and combustible slates, as 
to perspective types of organic raw materials which can compensate 
substantially expected shortage of products on the basis of oil and 
gas in the future.
In 2004 at the XIV economic forum with Zh.K. Kairbekov's 
direct participation the international round table "Coal - alternative 
raw materials for power and the chemical industry" was organized 
which results of work in many respects defined the main priorities of 
its further scientific activity.
Methods of processing of coals developed under the direction 
of Zh.K. Kairbekov, such as a hydrogenation, gasification and some

other, are very perspective for receiving not only competitive, but 
also in some cases possessing by a new original complex properties 
of materials. As a result of interaction of coals of different degree of 
a metamorphism in the wide range of temperatures with such 
chemical agents as hydrogen, carbon oxides, water (water vapor), 
oxygen, and also with a number of solvents, is formed a peculiar set 
of substances of the different chemical nature representing new 
commodity products both of fuel, and chemical and technological 
Achievement in the scientific, technological and experimental 
plan is development of new effective process of liquefaction of coal 
by catalytic hydrogenolysis with low pressure (50-100 atm) with 
receiving 65-70 
of light fractions and 25-30% of heavy 
hydrocarbons of the organic mass of coal. Technical and economic 
studies showed that the cost of 1 t of "coal oil" won't exceed $50 the 
USA at the cost of 1 t of coal in 3$.
Professor Zh.K. Kairbekov together with the academician 
K.A. Zhubanov developed the project of creation of an experimental 

productivity of coal in 40 thousand tons and productivity of fuel oil 
in 16 thousand tons per year. Process passed trial tests at the 
developed pilot stand with a productivity of 50 kg of coal per day. 
Tests confirmed high efficiency and payback of process and quality 
of received fuels and lubricants, and also different types of semi­
products for petrochemical synthesis (benzene, toluene, a xylol, ethyl 
benzene, etc.).
Scientific novelty of the developed technology in comparison 
with foreign analogs (Russian, German, American, Japanese and 
southern African) is caused by original technological decisions at 
stages of preparation, liquefaction, hydrogenolysis of coal, 
hydrogenation and use of products of process. 
The technology 
differs by using of low-scarce, cheap catalysts of one-time action on 
the basis of natural ore materials and waste, attraction of the special 
oil processing equipment for a complete set of coal-chemical mini­
plant. Besides, in the project original technological solutions of 
processes of drying and thermo-preparation of coal, processing of 
slime and others were applied.

Works in the field of processing of coal were carried out with 
involvement of foreign investors according to the concluded 
Agreement between the Government of RK and the Government of 
the People's Republic of China about scientific and technical 
cooperation and the Contract on technical cooperation between 
Affiliated State Enterprise Scientific Research Institute of New 
chemical technologies (ASE SRINCT) and materials and JSC HPI on 
the Chinese-Russian scientific and technical cooperation of the 
province of Heilongjian (Harbin, People's Republic of China).
Affiliated State Enterprise Scientific Research Institute of New 
chemical technologies and materials, made and started the pilot stand 
on liquefaction of coal with a productivity of 50 kg of coal per day, 
developed and submitted to the customer the explanatory note of the 
working draft of construction of an coal-oil-chemical complex with a 
productivity of 30 thousand tons of coal per year, calculations and 
drawings of the oil-gas furnace, the computer program of calculation 
of an atmospheric rectifying column, drawings of the rectifying 
column, a complete set of drawings of the block of preparation of 
coal and coal paste. Calculation of reactors and other equipment for 
the block of liquefaction of the coal working at high temperature and 
pressure was finished. Issues of use of reverse water, recycling and 
purification of flue gases were resolved.
Now professor Zh.K. Kairbekov together with scientists of the 
Moscow state Mining University conducts scientific researches on 
development of new technologies of complex processing of 
combustible slates and coal. This direction of researches is most 
actually for creation of technology of joint processing of brown coals 
and slates of Kendyrlyk, Mamyt and Shubarkol fields of Kazakhstan. 
It was established by practical consideration that organic and mineral 

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